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Synergia Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a multifaceted techno-marketing organisation involved in the manufacturing, promotion, marketing and supply of innovative health and lifestyle solutions.


Our probiotic products include strains and formulations, which confer benefits of immune and gut health and also display therapeutic benefits beyond the gut health. Bacillus species have been used as probiotics for several years and our Bacillus strains display proven health benefits which improves the quality of life of the consumers.

Facilities & Technology

Synergia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd provides cutting edge facilities which ensure the unique and stringent requirements for manufacturing quality probiotic products.


Bacillus species display proven benefits in human health and health related functional food. They exhibit various potential attributes inclufding prolonged persistence in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, enhanced tolerance and survivability under hostile environment of GI tract, formation of robust biofilm, rapid sporulation, stimulation of innate immune response and antioxidant properties, which encourage their use in larger number of probiotic preparations.


As an emerging player in the global nutraceuticals market, Synergia Life Sciences has showcased Probiotics strain and formulation at a number of exhibitions and conferences dealing with dietary supplement, food supplement and functional food & drink industries. Here are some of the latest exhibitions in which we are participating.

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